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Sunday Salon: Orange Reads and a New Writing Gig

Orange January

Hello Sunday Saloners! It's a dreary day in Florida, and believe it or not, my family is preparing to go on a picnic! Before we go, I wanted to update you on my Orange January results:

The Idea of Perfection (2001) (review)

The Poisonwood Bible (1999) (review)
The Outcast (2008) (review)

The Lovely Bones (2003) (review)
The Flying Troutmans (2009) (review)

Hands down, my favorite of these books was The Outcast, followed closely by The Idea of Perfection. What did you read for Orange January?

Examining New Possibilities

Also, I started a new writing gig - I am now a local book examiner for www.examiner.com. This site uses local writers to talk about a specific topic.  I love this opportunity because it allows me to talk about books (YAY!) and promote bookish things in my community, which includes supporting our local bookstores.

I am paid per click, subscription and comment for my articles as well as the amount of time people spend reading my articles. Truthfully, it's not a lot of money, but I am having fun watching the cents add up. I am sure whatever I make will be reinvested into, well, books!

I would appreciate it if you would consider subscribing to my articles. Also, U.S. residents, they are looking for more examiners in a variety of places and topics. If you apply, please consider adding me as your referral source.

Having fun reading and writing - and I hope you are too! Have a great week!
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