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One More Year: Stories by Sana Krasikov

One More Year: Stories
By Sana Krasikov
Completed April 17, 2009

One More Year was a collection of short stories by new writer, Sana Krasikov. In this book, Krasikov introduced us to memorable characters through eight stories – each focused on Russians and their experiences in America and their homeland.

Each short story dropped the reader in the middle of the action, and after several pages, you get the idea of the story. Each story presented a conflict with love and life, and though it’s focused on Russians, their trials and tribulations are universal: Maia struggled with pleasing her teenage son, who she hadn’t seen in years, and was frustrated with the whole process. Anya had enough of the physical and verbal abuse of her husband, Ryan, and sought protection from his ways. And Regina, who traveled to Russia to see her old friend, and ended up judging her friend when Regina herself was making a similar mistake.

I found it helpful to look up some of the Russian towns and words on Google to help me understand the story better, but one could follow along without this knowledge. I also devoted one night to each story. Many reviewers complained that they tired of the stories, and I found reading one story per day made each one enjoyable.

One More Year is highly recommended to readers who enjoy short stories by women authors and to those who like learning about other cultures. I was reminded of Rose Tremain’s The Road Home when I read some of these stories. Taken in small doses, I found One More Year to be a wonderful depiction of hope and the pursuit for a better life. I look forward to Krasikov’s first novel, which she is working on. ( )


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Apr. 18th, 2009 11:54 pm (UTC)
I loved The Road Home and I love to read about other cultures. I'd also like to read more short stories, so I'm adding this to my wish list.
Apr. 19th, 2009 03:14 am (UTC)
Nice to see such a positive review of this one, Jill. I have it in my TBR mountain :)
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