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BBAW: Blogs That Rock

Happy Book Bloggers Appreciation Week!

Our first order of business for today is to list some of our favorite blogs. This is like asking a mother of 100 children to pick her favorite. So, I am going to document blogs that have influenced me as a reader, a blogger and a person, but please know that many blogs are my favorites, despite their omission here.

Laura at Musings - I started my blog after reading Laura's book blog, Musings. I like how she captured her thoughts about books she just completed, writing small reviews and reflections that help her remember the book long after it's been read. I followed in her footsteps and began my own blog. That was in May 2007, and I am glad to say that I am still following Laura around the book community.

Wendy at Caribousmom and A Novel Challenge - I met Wendy after Laura introduced me to the world of book challenges. Wendy is the guru of reading challenges, thanks to her informative blog, A Novel Challenge. If you need to know about a book challenge, then Wendy's challenge blog is a one-stop source for this information. Her personal blog, Caribousmom, has some of the best written reviews out there. Wendy and Laura are self-proclaimed book soulmates (and they really are), and I honored to call them both friends.

3M (Michelle) at 1 More Chapter - One of the first challenges I signed up for was Michelle's Book Awards Reading Challenge, and I have been signing up for Michelle's challenges every since. Michelle is really clever. She comes up with creative book projects, challenges and themes. She reads lightning fast, and we have similar tastes in books. I also think her blog is one of the most organized, gosh-darned pretty ones out there.

Vasilly at 1330V - Vasilly is a busy young woman, going to college and raising a crew of kids. I don't know when she finds time to read, but she does. And when she has time to blog, she writes insightful entries. She was one of my first blogging friends. I think she has guts, and I admire her very much. We've exchanged kids' books once, and every time I read one of her kids' books to my boys, I always think of this tough California mama.

Terri at Reading, Writing and Retirement - Terri claims to be new to this blogging thing, but she seems like an expert to me! Her retirement countdown is educational and fun (probably not what she intended but that's how it is for me!). She has excellent taste in books, and I'll convert her to an Anne Tyler lover one day. Also, Terri has been influential in my recovery from anxiety, even sharing her personal music with me. I look forward to each post on her blog.

Thanks to all of my blogging buddies for their friendship, support and excellent book recommendations. Enjoy this week!
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